I own a Sony A7s Camera. It makes awesome pictures. Especially in situations with high ranged light situations. But my Sony Camer is heavy and uses a lot of space in vacations. So I love to use in my vacations a small camera. In a trip to Lacanau/France it was the first travel with the LG G5 Phone. There I tried out a lot. And I was able to get good pictures with the stock camera. But sadly, the stock camera has some problems with their HDR mode.  The overlayed images are a blurry when I zoom in.

In End of 2017 I found on xda-developers community a port of the Google Cam App from the Pixel 2 phone for the LG G5 camera. My first trip with this app was to Spain. See here two images of compare the stock camera to the HDR mode of the Google Camera App.

Google Cam HDR+ Sample Image
Google Cam HDR+ Sample Image
LG G5 Camera (no HDR) Sample Image

After some months the modified apps changed and now it is also possible to use the wide angle camera from the LG G5 with this app.

Wideangle Photo from LG G5 with the Google Camera App

Its great to have the choice. But it needs some time to learn how to get the best results.

4. April 2018

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