Someday I was running. I hear music and track  my waypoint via GPS. In a small forest part next to dresden, a dog passes my way. He appear suddenly from the side and stay in front of me. The last I saw, was that he turn his head back to look for his dog friend. In this moment I was in my running mode, and there was not enought time to stop. I fall over the dog, like over a pot with plants in it. I crash on the left side of hips and my phone was between my bone and the floor.

After the shock I exchange the insurancedata with the dogowner, and walked slowy home. Happy that the LG G5 phone is very good for repair. The Screen was completly broken. I ordered a new LCD Screen and it arrived the next day. The change of the LCD can be done in 10min. So I repaired the phone and hopefully the new screen will last longer.

4. April 2018

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